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5 year moratorium

Hope yall are ready for the new year 2024 is gonna be an interesting year...

One of the first things AGFC Fisheries Division is gonna see when they come back is an email asking for a 5 year moratorium on hybrid stocking and an extensive shad stocking program ...I sent this email the day after Christmas and got a response fairly quickly from Chief of fisheries Tommy Laird Saying most of the people were out for the holidays but would discuss the moratorium and shad stocking when they returned and get back with me ASAP

 Meanwhile I encourage you to please send a simple email to AGFC officials ( I'll post email address below) asking for the moratorium and eradication of hybrids and for increased stocking of shad ...this kind of pushing has worked before and had results we wanted/needed. Please drop us a conformation if you send an email

Remember please be respectful.

It can be as simple as an email as below

My name is (name)__

As a combined effort with anglers across the state ..The Arkansas Anglers Association and myself are asking for a 5 YEAR MORATORIUM ON HYBRID STOCKING AND to DO EXTENSIVE BAITFISH STOCKING... The reason for this request is due to the excessive numbers of hybrids versus the widespread unavailability of baitfish. We feel that in the best interest of the lakes this is the best recourse of action.

Thank you

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Great job Israel Mills!

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